Year of the Tiger / 虎年 / Năm Hổ

Utility box mural completed in 2022, commemorating the Year of the Tiger (虎年 / Năm Hổ). This mural was created as part of the City of Boston’s Paintbox program, and is located in the cultural district of Little Saigon within the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.


In gānzhī (干支 / Can Chi), the 60 year cycle known as Stems & Branches, 2022 is rényín (壬寅 / Nhâm Dần), the 39th year in the cycle and the year of the Water Tiger.

According to Bāzì and the Five Elements (八字五行学 / Bát Tự Ngũ Hành), , from the Heavenly Stems (天干 / Thiên Can) is 阳水, yang energy water. , from the Earthly Branches (地支 / Địa Chi) belongs to wood (木 / Mộc), and becomes 阳木, yang energy wood, because of . So 2022 is also the year of Water and Wood (水木年).

壬寅 / Nhâm Dần is a time for seizing opportunity and embracing change. The Tiger hides 丙火 and 戊土 inside; 丙火 is the sun, 戊土 is the mountain. 壬寅 is the tiger crossing the river, firm in its footing so it won’t be washed away, and unafraid of getting wet. But with a fast current, you still have to be careful and wait for the right timing to cross.

In the I Ching (易经 / Kinh Dịch), 壬寅 is 水雷屯 / Thủy Lôi Đồn. It’s the revitalizing energy of a storm, with thundering rain storms leading to new life sprouting from the earth. But a new sprout, while full of fresh vitality, is also delicate and fragile, and there are hardships ahead. These new buds must be protected and nurtured carefully so that they can grow strong to be able to weather the storms ahead.