Twice the Girl You Used to Be
exterior paint and spray paint an 8 ft. x 8 ft. wall.
For Punto Urban Art Museum’s new exhibit, “A Dream Called Home” inspired by Reyna Grande’s memoir of the same name.
Completed July 30, 2023.

The eclipse represents the duality of the immigrant / BIPOC experience with the face the outside world sees when they look at us vs. the face we keep to ourselves. I interpret “home” as a space that comes from within you, that can exist even despite being in a country and environment that is hostile to your very existence and hateful of your identity. You willfully create home for yourself when you value and love yourself, and your home becomes your entire being.

The text “You are now bilingual, bicultural, and binational. You are not less. You are more, twice the girl you used to be.” is from the book and is rendered as matte black paint on gloss black, so that it disappears and appears with the changing light.